Careers in Engineering

By Sibelle Fourie
Senior Marketer & Student Advisor at Centurion Academy

Careers in the field of engineering, construction and electronics are still in high demand within South Africa. Occupations such as Electricians, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Engineering Technicians and Steel Draughtsmen and Fixers are very sought-after.

A large amount of public sector funds have been awarded to infrastructure development, private sector investments in construction and technology are increasing and the need for skilled artisans is always on the rise.

Engineering and related fields enables anyone to design better solutions to real-world problems. From infrastructure maintenance and construction of housing developments to developing advanced electronic equipment – you will see that engineers play a role everywhere and in everything.

The fourth industrial revolution has led to increased demand for electronic and software engineers. Skilled technicians and engineers in this field are involved in projects such as the development of advanced communication systems, automated robotic and electromechanical equipment, armed forces electronic warfare equipment etc. Artisans such as electricians and mechanical technicians are also closely involved with the assembly of the finished product. The opportunities within this industry are quite diverse and therefore it might be a worthwhile career to consider.

There are different study options available when choosing to pursue a career in engineering. Prospective students can start with a technical qualification such as Engineering Studies (N1-N6), a diploma in a specific field of engineering which includes practical training or a bachelor’s degree.

Whichever path within the engineering field you choose you can rest assured that there are many opportunities available globally. The world’s needs and demands will continue to grow and therefore the need for engineers will always grow along with it.

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